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Vesavi Aatalu


Hi All,Could you please share your childhood ideas of Summer indoor/outdoor Games .This helps to the Telugu Community people in the "Torrance " for this upcoming Summer Holidays.

Some of my games I remember and played are :Paamula patam,Raamudu Seetha,
Nela banda,cycle race,maa thata Uttaram,draksha Pandu danimma pandu,Taadu /Banthi aata,Book lo Cricket,antyakshari,kundullu,chemmachekka ,donga police,Coin game,Brainvita,etc,Icecream etc.....

మరి ఇంత చదివాక మీకు ఎదో ఒక ఆట గుర్తుకొస్తే కామెంట్ పెట్టి పిల్లలకు అందించండి.



asked May 29, 2014 in Others by DivyaChevuri (360 points)

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