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Welcome to LATA community discussion forum where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
This forum is about empowering Telugu community and platform to discuss. Make sure you read the FAQs if you have any questions. Please do not use obscene language

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to post message only if it is related to Telugu Community?
As long as it the post is informative and about offering services to people in the community that is useful, feel free to post anything.

Can we report to LATA in case of disputes?
LATA organization is not responsible for any personal disputes/issues. But if you see any abusive or offensive content, kindly help by reporting it to LATA. Write to us at

Who can participate in this discussion site?
Anyone and everyone as long as the discussions/questions remain sane and sensible and helps Telugu community thrive

Who can post a question?
While anyone is eligible to post a question, only registered users can view and answer the questions

Can I post a question as anonymous?
Absolutely! But remember posts by anonymous will be moderated by LATA admin team

What can I post on the discussion forum?
- Anything reasonable that the community can help you with. - Any post/information that can help the community with. - Any events that you wish to let the community know

What kind of posts should be avoided?
- Absolutely no political posts. User will be banned immediately and LATA reserves the right to do so. - avoid posts that are subjective and that can trigger arguments - avoid posts that trigger rumors or that are based on rumors - avoid foul language, anything to intentionally hurt another person or being disrespectful

What are categories?
Based on the past experience, few categories were created. That would help users to read the posts based on categories. Categories help in segregation of posts for convenience. If you feel a category makes sense, please write to LATA admin team will evaluate and add ASAP.